Why choose TRY for your child?

Extending every child’s

There is growing evidence that high expectations and encouragement to ‘try’ are closely linked with a child’s sense of achievement and their ability to learn. Having expectations is a powerful motivator for children, promoting resilience and willingness to work hard. It helps them learn to focus their behaviour while establishing goals and aspirations for the future.

This is why we call ourselves ‘TRY’.

Promoting children’s health and physical development.

We now know through research that brain development in the early years can significantly impact on a person’s long term mental and physical health. A strong wellbeing in the early years lays the foundation for improved outcomes in later life.

At every TRY childcare centre and kindergarten we are committed to every child developing a strong sense of wellbeing providing them with confidence and optimism to maximise their learning potential.

Providing environments for creativity and exploration.

Contemporary research recognises and values the environment as a third ‘teacher’. At every TRY childcare centre or kindergarten the physical environment is never simply a backdrop to the curriculum; it is an integral part of our approach to every child’s learning and development.

Supporting every child to develop respectful relationships.

Children achieve better outcomes when their diverse strengths, abilities, interests, and cultural practices are understood and supported. TRY recognises that diversity is the norm rather than the exception and that diversity positively contributes to the value of Australian society.

At TRY we have high expectations for every child.

Promoting professionalism in childcare and early learning.

We not only believe in high expectations for children. We also believe in giving our staff the opportunity to maximise their capabilities and advance their careers as carers and educators.

Through regular network meetings and our annual professional development days we ensure all our staff are exposed to best practice principles and contemporary learning practices.

Dedicated to continuous improvement.

The principles, practices and learning outcomes of the Australian National Quality Standards and Victorian Frameworks are the foundation of our program delivery.

Through performance monitoring across our network of childcare centres and kindergartens, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding these benchmarks.

Collaborating to create inclusive and supportive communities.

Every TRY childcare centre or kindergarten is different because we know every local community is different. We also believe it ‘takes a village to raise a child’ and to this end we work to collaborate with local councils, other service providers and families to create communities that are both inclusive and supportive.

Our flexible Early Years Management model gives the families of each local Parent Support Group the opportunity to bring their unique contribution to their children’s care and education. Our supported playgroups encourage friendships and communities of learning by involving families in their child’s early learning and care. Our family and community workers facilitate the creation of more supportive community networks where they are most needed.

TRY Children Services News

Susan Alberti AC joins our fourth VECTEA Conference Day

February 2nd, 2018|Comments Off on Susan Alberti AC joins our fourth VECTEA Conference Day

Our keynote speaker at our Children’s Services fourth VECTEA conference day was the amazing Susan Alberti AC. Susan is a philanthropist who has raised millions of dollars for diabetes research, a pioneer who has been […]

Come and see our brand new basketball court at Mill Park!

October 13th, 2017|Comments Off on Come and see our brand new basketball court at Mill Park!

At Mill Park we  have had a busy start to Term 4!! After observing our children having a strong interest  in playing basketball we thought to create a permanent ‘basket space/area’ in our playground.
With the […]

A Digeridoo comes to Parkwood Green!

October 13th, 2017|Comments Off on A Digeridoo comes to Parkwood Green!

Recently children at Parkwood Green Preschool were privileged to have a visit from Didgeridoo Australia.

The children were engaged whilst learning about Aboriginal culture, arts & crafts, bush tucker, music and more as Henning from Didgeridoo […]

From Kinder to School: How to prepare for the Transition

September 6th, 2017|Comments Off on From Kinder to School: How to prepare for the Transition

The transition from kinder to school can feel like a huge leap, both for children and their parents, and can be difficult to prepare for without help.

Thats why at TRY, each service has ongoing educational […]

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