TRY Australia is pleased to welcome the Lalor East Preschool to the TRY Children’s Services family!

Lalor East Preschool is located in northern metropolitan Melbourne, in the culturally and linguistically diverse suburb of Lalor.

Kindergarten Teacher Janet understands the needs of children, families and the community; “We provide a play-based curriculum to two groups of kindergarten children. The children have agency in their learning; they are respected and able to make decisions about their world and their learning; which contributes to positive social and emotional development. We interact with our wonderful community by going on excursions and inviting the community into the kindergarten; such as visiting the local library and having emergency services visit and engage with the children at kindergarten. We value our relationships with families and our Lalor East Preschool community.”

Lalor East Preschool’s teaching approach is aligned to TRY’s philosophy; both our founded in a commitment to children and young people’s wellbeing, learning and development. The Educators ensure flexible programs for children, which are inclusive and celebrate the diverse community. Lalor East Preschool works with families in enhancing children’s learning, and in supporting children’s transition to Primary School. In such a close-knit community, the Preschool has well-established professional relationships with the local Primary Schools, which further contributes to positive transitions for children moving between education settings.

Welcome Lalor East Preschool, we look forward to working closely with you and your community!

Find out more about Lalor East here.