This week we’re featuring TRY Whittlesea Children’s Centre incorporating Laurel St Kindergarten! We spoke to Bianca about her 8 years of working at the centre.

#TRYWhittlesea are well known throughout their community. It’s great to see our services working so closely with other local businesses to create great relationships to both benefit their service and benefit the local community. From CFA visits to Christmas market stalls to organising community events, it is clear that Whittlesea love and value their location, the people and the services around them.

The great location of Whittlesea Children’s Centre (inside the Whittlesea Community Activities Centre) really aids their relationships with other community services. Educators will often walk the children to the library next door to have story time and literary activities with the library staff as well as their own community garden and a relationship with the local nursing home. They have also been known to hold special events on occasions, such as Harmony Day 2018 with food and children’s entertainment that are open to everyone in the community to join. This inclusivity is something that can be immediately felt in this homely service.

TRY Whittlesea Children’s Centre also have a very strong sense of family. Most of their staff members have been employed at the service for 5-15 years so you will always see a familiar face. The familiarity of the staff with families and children helps to make transitioning into childcare or kindergarten a lot more comfortable for many families. Because of this the staff are often there to oversee a child’s journey all the way from the baby’s room until they leave for primary school.

Whittlesea Children’s Centre offers both long day care and sessional kindergarten and are open from 6:45am to 6:15pm Monday to Friday.