This week we’re featuring South Melbourne Children’s Centre! We spoke to Binu George, Centre Director, about how she has helped families who are new to Australia to settle and feel comfortable.

Binu has been working with TRY for four years across different venues and has now been at TRY South Melbourne for a year. Her goal is to give the best possible education to the children as well as being available and willing to support her community.

Speaking five languages (and understanding two more) alongside some of her Arabic speaking staff members, Binu explains how languages help her to create relationships with the local families who are often disadvantaged and may not understand English.

Many of the families are new to the country and are struggling with English language but also with the Australian culture and the systems. Binu and her staff not only help the children to feel comfortable in the space but also provide help and support for the families who need direction and guidance in Melbourne. “We link them to the local community and let them know about community events so that they can take part.” From childcare benefits to support agencies to community relationships – Binu and her team go above and beyond in order to help local families in need.

South Melbourne is proud to be a service that values their community and will work hard in order to provide support for disadvantaged families.

South Melbourne Children’s Centre is open 8am to 5:45pm Monday to Friday. Find out more here