“There are many families who bring children here until they have no more to send” says Charmaine, Teacher in Charge. “It’s a great sign.”

Charmaine has been at TRY Roycroft for 8 years now and says that her staff are one of the most important aspects of the service. The staff believe that Kinder should be an extension of home, try their best to create close relationships with the family and make the child feel comfortable and safe. With a strong sense of routine, the staff try to teach the children independence from day 1 to help them have an easier transition into Primary School.

Roycroft Kindergarten is home to a diverse group of cultures which the staff work hard to support and acknowledge. Families are encouraged to come in and showcase their culture through language, activities, food or song to teach the children to acknowledge and respect all cultures. The staff at Roycroft are extremely multicultural too and love to share their cultures with the children.

The Roycroft team go above and beyond to support their families, from hiring Interpreters for families who are new to the country, to hosting Christmas drives for families to donate money and presents and even personally buying presents for their families who might be struggling financially.

It’s great to see a service who supports and cares for their children and families in such a big way. To learn more about Roycroft click here