Parent Information

Once you have decided to place your child at a TRY centre, we recommend you visit the centre a day or two in advance so your child and family can familiarise themselves with both the environment and the staff. It is also an opportunity to discuss any specific allergies or illness or emotional needs your child may have with TRY staff.

Make sure to sound encouraging and excited when talking about daycare with your child. Emphasise all the fun things they can do there. Maybe you can read some books about daycare with your child. An example of a great children’s story about daycare is “See You Later, Alligator” by Laura McGee Kvasnosky.

Below are some pointers for your child’s first day.

Our Sunsmart Policy

It is an essential part of your child’s care and early learning is spending time outdoors in the envronment. All our Kindergartens and Childcare centres are accredited by Sun Smart and in every centre we promote the guidelines as recommended by the Cancer Council of Victoria. It is important that your child has the appropriate clothing for sunny days.

Our Sun Smart policy recommends that all children wear suitable clothing that protects as much of the child’s skin from the harmful UV effects of the sun whilst at kindergarten. This includes the following:

  • A hat that covers the face, neck and ears.
  • Clothing that protects the body as much as possible.
  • Sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher broad spectrum and water resistant.

Children that do not have appropriate sun protection clothing will be encouraged to play in shaded areas.

Our staff will follow the appropriate sun safe practices and we encourage parents who are staying at the kindergarten to also model these practices.

Term Dates


Term 1                            28 January (teacher’s start) to 27 March

Term 2                            14 April to 26 June

Term 3                            13 July to 18 September

Term 4                            5 October to 18 December


Term 1 holidays            28 March to 13 April

Term 2 holidays           27 June to 12 July

Term 3 holidays           19 September to 4 October

Term 4 holidays           19 December to 26 January 2021


Australia Day                Mon 27 Jan

Labour Day                    Mon 9 Mar

Good Friday                   Fri 10 Apr

Easter Monday              Mon 13 Apr

ANZAC Day                    Sat 25 Apr

Queen’s Birthday          Mon 8 Jun

AFL Grand Final           Fri 25 Sep

Melbourne Cup             Tue 3 Nov

Christmas Day               Fri 25 Dec

Boxing Day                     Sat 26 Dec