In 1883, on the streets of Melbourne, an entrepreneur called WM Forster saw that if you have come from a life of hard knocks, making the decision to become a contributing member of society takes courage, resilience and someone to give you a break. He also saw that given the right opportunity to try, every young person has the ability to make the journey towards success.

He founded an organisation called the ‘TRY Society’. It began with youth clubs, trade training and farm schools.

More than 134 years later our focus remains the same: targeting the gaps to provide disadvantaged children and young people with opportunities to overcome barriers to education and employment.

We focus on three key areas: early learning, youth mentoring and occupational training for work readiness. In each area TRY is committed to creating opportunities so that young people of all ages from disadvantaged backgrounds can get a hand up in life.

All they have to do is try.