No Jab, No Play : what does it mean for my child?

Previously existing legislation already required that immunisation status information be provided on enrolment, however the immunisation status of the child was not considered. An immunisation status certificate is a statement showing the vaccines a child has received. The most common type of immunisation status certificate is an Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR). Parents/carers can get a copy of their child’s Immunisation History Statement:

  • through Medicare online accounts or the Express Plus Medicare mobile app
  • at a local Medicare service centre
  • by requesting a statement be posted to them in the mail:
  • phone 1800 653 809
  • email

Alternatively, parents and carers can get an immunisation status certificate from an immunisation provider such as a GP or local council immunisation service. To be considered acceptable as an Immunisation Status Certificate for the purposes of enrolment at an early childhood education and care service the document/s need to contain ALL of the following:

Child’s details

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address

Vaccine history
List of vaccine/s the child has received and when the vaccine was given (can be a separate attachment, such as a previous ACIR Immunisation History Statement, or ACIR Immunisation History Form recording overseas vaccinations)
Immunisation status

  • Date of the child’s next due vaccine; OR
  • A statement saying the child has completed all their childhood vaccinations
  • If relevant, list of any vaccine/s that child cannot receive for a medical contraindication (GP only) Immunisation provider’s details
  • Provider’s full name
  • Organisation name
  • Signed and dated by immunisation provider
  • Medicare provider number OR Australian Childhood Immunisation Register number

It is likely that, in most cases, providing the ACIR Immunisation History Statement will be the easiest process for services and parents For more information regarding the No Jab, No Play legislation you can find more information at the following links: