The Patch Kindergarten

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The Patch Kindergarten

The Patch Kindergarten is integrated within The Patch School, and as such, operates collaboratively with the School to ensure a united education community and a continuation of learning children and their families. The Patch Kindergarten and The Patch School hold high expectations of children, as capable and competent individuals.

At The Patch Kindergarten, we recognise that early childhood is a unique, valuable and precious time for children. Children have a right to be valued as individuals now, as well as for who they will become in the future. We provide an environment where diversity is celebrated; individual differences are recognised and valued. We value our children’s parents as their first teachers, and work collaboratively to meet the needs of each individual child.

In valuing each individual at The Patch Kindergarten, we build relationships based on respect and care, fostering trustworthy relationships in a diverse community. To ensure support for all, we provide a program that is flexible and responsive to the local community, and includes reflection on our practice to find ways to improve outcomes for children.

 We provide an environment in which all members of the community have a voice and are empowered to confidently express their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  In this way we hope to develop positive self-esteem through respecting ourselves and others and fostering the wellbeing of each child. We use respectful relationships with all stakeholders to ensure members of the Kindergarten and School community feel valued for their unique abilities.

 Children learn through play, and as such it is our responsibility to provide rich environments which support the development of each child, while maintaining joy and engagement with experiences and people. Our curriculum is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the National Quality Standards. Through high quality knowledge, educators deliver an educational program that supports the individual needs and values of the children, families and community of The Patch Kindergarten.

 The Patch Kindergarten is based upon a welcoming, caring and supportive environment. These values are embedded in educator practices, and will be purposefully taught to the children to foster responsibility, interdependence and a sense of identity.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of our Kindergarten land and show respect and kindness to our natural environment. In placing strong value on environmental education, we regularly access the wider Patch School grounds, alongside our School age friends.

We learn together through exploration, negotiation, cooperation and collaboration.

2019 Timetables

3 Year Old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 year old 9.15am to 2.15pm 3 year old 9.15am to 2.15pm 3 year old 9.15am to 2.15pm

4 Year Old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4 year old

9.15am – 2.15pm

4 year old

9.15am – 2.15pm

4 year old

9.15am – 2.15pm

Kindergarten Contacts

The Patch Kindergarten
53 Kallista-Emerald Road, The Patch VIC 3792, Australia

Centre Contact

Jo Rouse  PH:(03) 9752 1835

For Fees, Enrolments and General Enquiries

Lee Decker 03 8545 9510

Programming and Staff Support

Zoe Marks 0458 500 155

Coming up

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National Quality Standard Rating

2019 Fees

4 year old

Group Hours Fees
4 year old 15 $450

3 year old

Group Hours Fees
3 year old 1 session $350
3 year old 2 sessions $700
3 year old 3 sessions $800

Opening Hours

* Timetables and fees may change from 2019

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