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Highett Preschool

Set in an engaging, natural environment, Highett Preschool is a community focused kindergarten that everyone loves for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Families and their children step through our front door into a large, light-filled classroom that spills out into a stimulating, generous outdoor space where our three and four year-olds adore being able to securely roam and play.

At Highett Preschool we believe children learn best through play that is ‘hands on’ activities that they can touch, feel and see. Our professionally trained educators have created a welcoming, enjoyable and safe environment where your child can develop skills through exploration and discovery. Our learning experiences will encourage your child to become confident and independent while enhancing their physical, social, intellectual and emotional development. Most importantly, your child should have fun!

Education Program

Our program is designed to focus on children’s individual interests. As a result, our daily routine has flexibility built as we believe that your child should contribute to their own learning experience by sharing their ideas and interests.

Your child’s learning journey is documented through observation, learning stories, conversations and artwork. These documents are available to you and we always welcome input and appreciate suggestions about any aspect of our kindergarten community. We pride ourselves on our trusted partnerships with parents and families.


Highett Preschool’s physical environment is designed to engage your child in plenty of adventures in a safe and secure setting. We recognise the importance of physical play for the development of both gross motor and fine motor skills and we incorporate physical experiences into our programs accordingly. Our educators provide a balance of indoor and outdoor activities and our flexible indoor space features areas for quiet play and relaxation.

The Highett Pre School community has worked in partnership with Jenn Reed Design, landscape designer for learning spaces to improve our outdoor surroundings for greater opportunity for the three and four year-olds to explore, discover, connect and play.

We have a range of permanent structures for your child to climb and explore. These can be moved and altered to suit your child’s current interests and our program focus. We are a sustainable preschool and our educators promote the importance of environmental sustainability. We will aim to engage you, your child and the wider community in our commitment to implementing long-term environmental strategies.

Highett Preschool is also part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

2018 Timetables

3 Year Old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9.15am – 12.15pm
9.15am – 12.15pm

4 Year Old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30am – 1.30pm
8.30am – 1.30pm
8.30am – 1.30pm

Kindergarten Contacts

Highett Preschool
3 Station Street, Highett, Victoria, 3190, Australia

Centre Contact
Katie Stretch
PH: 9555 8441

For Fees, Enrolments and
General Enquiries
Lucy Yip
03 8545 9547

Programming and Staff Support
Carolyn Marinic
0429 128 335

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National Quality Standard Rating

2018 Fees

4 year old

Group Hours Fees
BLUE 15 $470

3 year old

Group Hours Fees
RED 6 $460

Opening Hours

* Timetables and fees may change from 2019

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