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Altona Gate Kindergarten

Altona Gate Kindergarten is a welcoming place where children, their families and teachers can learn together. Every child is seen as a capable and competent learner who is capable of developing meaningful relationships; who wants to be valued and respected as well as respecting others and the environment.

Our kindergarten provides a safe and secure environment for preschool children where they are encouraged to learn life skills in a stimulating, interesting and nurturing atmosphere.

To engage children actively in learning, Educators identify children’s strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies and design the learning environment.

We are committed to creating inviting and engaging learning spaces that are designed to nurture and enhance the child’s learning through:

  • Exploration in a play-based environment
  • Opportunities for cooperation and collaborative learning
  • Focussing on process over product
  • Encouraging laugher, fun, amazement, and wonder
  • Posing questions before giving answers

Our educators at Altona Gate Kindergarten are encouraged to continually reflect on their practice. We promote collaboration between educators and utilise the network of professional educators within the community, as well as engaging in professional learning and development practices.

We believe in working in partnership with our families and understand that all families are unique. We acknowledge that families are the primary influence in developing an enriched learning environment and see every child as a unique individual.

We embrace the needs, values and cultural diversity of all families at Altona Gate Kindergarten. We incorporate cultural celebrations into our program and encourage families to share their traditions, customs and language. We respect the traditional owners of the land.

We feel passionate about promoting a number of practices within the kindergarten environment and aim to educate children and families about:

  • Sustainability such as saving water, saving energy, recycling and reusing
  • Healthy eating, nutrition and lifestyles
  • Cultural diversity
  • Technology use for research and recording

Staff at the kindergarten use their knowledge of child development to plan a program that will help every child reach their full potential and experience success in their learning and development by incorporating the:

  • EYLF and the VEYLDF outcomes of Identity, Community, Wellbeing, Communication, and Learning
  • Respecting and valuing the voice of the child
  • Staff knowledge
  • Children’s initiatives and interests
  • Involvement from and with families and our local community groups

2020 Timetables

3 Year Old

4 Year Old

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Red 8.30am – 1.30pm Blue 8.30am – 4.00pm Red 8.30am – 1.30pm Blue 8.30am – 4.00pm Red 8.30am – 1.30pm

2020 Term Fees

4 year old

Group Hours Fees
Blue 15 $415
Red 15 $415
* Timetables and fees may change from 2021

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Altona Gate Kindergarten

Call: 03 9314 7895


Address: 80 Walker Close, Altona North, Victoria, 3025, Australia

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