This week we’re featuring Diggers Rest Preschool! We spoke to Lauren about her time working at the service!

#TRYDiggersRest has been open for a very long time. It’s not surprising that there have been generations of families pass through the doors as they provide such a warm and welcoming environment and have a close bond with the families.

“The Academic side is definitely supported at kinder, but what we do is so much more than that.”

The staff at Diggers Rest Preschool really understand the value in the preschool year and that its importance goes beyond academia. The children learn social skills that will set them on a great path to learning. Learning to have a sense of agency, to be independent, to be part of a group or work as a team and helping to find their feet as the year develops is something that the staff aim to do. Diggers Rest values both the academic but also the personal development and self-confidence the children learn which enables them to transition much more smoothly into school.

Diggers Rest Preschool also understands the value of Sustainable living and protecting the environment. It is such an important lesson to be taught to the children and they have been learning these values through a variety of ways. From visits from a zoo and learning about the animals regularly found in Diggers Rest, to starting conversations around the frog that lives in their sandpit – the children are learning how to respect their natural environment and protect the creatures around them.

Diggers Rest has a great relationship with the local primary school and many other members of the local community! Its welcoming staff, great values and big outdoor play area are some of the many reasons that families continue to come back.

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