How Your Centre Can Benefit by Joining
TRY’s Early Years Learning Network

Your children benefit from contemporary, evidence-based early learning practices.

Children at your centre will benefit from high-quality, inclusive services provided by professionals who are well supported to adopt contemporary and evidence-based early learning practices.

Families can focus on their children’s learning.

Under a committee of management structure your parent committee is responsible for all the compliance, workplace, financial and operational obligations required of registered early childhood service providers. However, by becoming a TRY Early Learning Centre, your families will have the time and flexibility to participate in the kindergarten program without the need for them to manage and deliver the service.

TRY encourages parents to actively support their child’s early learning experience. They can volunteer to be a family helper on a regular, occaisional or ad hoc basis. Parents can also consider being part of a Parent Support Group (PSG). Joining a PSG is an excellent way parents can become more involved in their children’s early learning.

Your children’s educators benefit from the support of a
professional network.

TRY educators benefit from organisational structures and processes that support them in their day-to-day work.  They also have access to high-quality resources and support in service leadership, pedagogy, partnerships, policy, advocacy, and inclusion. As a professional Early Years Management provider, TRY supports all its educators to work towards their aspirations, creating professional development opportunities and career pathways.

Greater integration of early childhood services.

Through our network we provide expertise and support that seeks to be responsive to the needs of the  community by providing integrated, wrap-around services aimed at optimum participation by families and their children.

The move to Early Years Management is designed to reduce the management and administrative burden on volunteer committees and support kindergartens so they can continually increase their service standards.
EYM is built on a four way partnership, where partners work together to deliver a quality early education experience for all children. The partners are;

-TRY Children’s Services (EYM Organisations)
-Local government
-The Department of Education and Training

Each partner has a unique role in supporting the learning and development of the children and improving educational outcomes. Families – Families can choose to actively engage with the EYM by participating in a Parent Support Group (PSG). This provides families with an opportunity to focus on enhancing their child’s experience and connecting with the broader community.

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