In Celebration of Children’s Week last week #TRYSundowner engaged with their local community and hosted an exciting Cultural Diversity Week.

Though supporting and encouraging their diverse community of children is no rarity here at Sundowner Kindergarten, with multicultural activities and dialogue a focus all year round, this year has been an especially exciting one for the service. With support of their Kingston Council Grant, Sundowner was able to host a week-long celebration with the inclusion of other services in their community.

The Cultural Week included:
International Food Days
Traditional Dress Days
Kinder Indigenous Dreaming
African Dance and Drumming
Bollywood Dance
A big thank you to Cultural Infusion for coming to visit us!

“We believe that in celebrating cultural diversity, we facilitate our children to feel that they belong to a wider community and we promote social cohesion by understanding, collaborating and cooperating with others in our diverse community” Rachel, Centre Director at Sundowner Kinder.