Often hosting community events or executing sustainability initiatives – Burnside Children’s Centre is a passionate service with excited and knowledgeable staff. Though the Burnside Hub is only 2 years old, our Teacher in Charge Suzie has 23-years of experience working with Early Childhood Education. We had a chat to her about what makes TRY Burnside such an important addition to the community.

Being a part of a forward-thinking and community driven Hub, community based education is an important lesson at Burnside Children’s Centre. With a Maternal Health Nurse and soon-to-be an Aged Care Service and a Primary School, the Burnside Community Centre will soon be a central point for every age demographic in the community. With the senior citizens keen to help out with the garden and the local school interested in developing a buddy program, helping with school transitions and sharing their facilities – the community centre will bring together different generations and create some great relationships.

“I think it is a really pivotal part of a child’s learning to learn about their local community” says Suzie “I’ve worked with each area of the community for everything I’ve done so far. I definitely use as many contacts as I can.”

Sustainability is another important aspect of life here at Burnside Children’s Centre. From Recycling to Paper Making to Tree Planting, the children were interested in finding out more about sustainability and in particular the paper life cycle. The Tree Planting Day was a particularly important event as Suzie and the team involved many different members of the community over two days whilst teaching the children about how to care for their new plants.

It’s great to see so many collaborative projects within the Burnside community, teaching the children how to care for their environment as well as understanding their community and respecting one another.

You can read more from Burnside here: https://trycs.org.au/kindergartenlist/burnside-childrens-centre