Playford Children’s Centre

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Playford Children’s Centre

Young children have the potential to be capable, confident and curious learners.


  • Long day care
  • Integrated 4 year old kindergarten program (funded) delivered by an Early Childhood Teacher


6 weeks old infants to 6 years old children (up to school-starting age)


Healthy meals cooked onsite by a dedicated cook (included in fees)


  • Programs are developed to meet the individual needs of children.
  • We provide a stimulating and caring environment for infants and children.


  • Qualified staff with early-childhood training
  • Child-to-staff ratio meet the National Quality Standards.


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We believe there are a number of core values and beliefs that underpin a high quality early childhood setting:

  • Our Early Childhood Services offer all children a safe and secure environment in which they can develop individually.
  • We aim to provide flexible educational and recreational programs, suited to the needs of the children in attendance.
  • We welcome family involvement and contribution.
  • Our staff are qualified and trained in early childhood education and care giving skills.
  • Our staff are supported to reflect on their practice and engage in professional development opportunities.

The Educators, Management and staff at Playford Children’s Centre embrace the following values;

  • Each child has the right to be an individual and to have their physical and emotional needs cared for at all times
  • Our care and child centred Early Learning Program is of highest possible standard and reflect the latest knowledge and practices.
  • The individuality of parents and families is respected, and our practice of care and education is appropriate to the child’s family situation.
  • We implement environmentally friendly practices to help build sustainability within the centre
  • Our practise respects and reflects the community’s aspirations and acre for young children.
  • Our centre is responsibly managed and the service provided is affordable within our community.
  • The individual needs of educators are respected and the centre provides a supportive environment for their professional need.
  • We acknowledge and respect the Kaurna people on whose land which we stand and aim to ensure our practices acknowledge the unique cultures of all people and ensure none is disadvantaged while attending our service.
  • We aim to reflect each educators and families culture within our daily program and develop ways to celebrate this.

Research has shown the first eight years of a child’s Life are the formative, basis years and that opportunities they experience during this time will have lasting and far-reaching effects.

Therefore we will;

  • allow each child to creatively achieve their potential
  • Create an environment where children are able to be enthusiastic, inquiring and challenged.
  • Children themselves provide the leads for the educators within the centre, involve themselves in individual and group projects and where possible to record what they have done in their own words using a variety of media, e.g. paint, clay, craft, drawing.
  • Children are encouraged to follow their own interests; to take risks where they become in essence the catalyst for their own curriculum.



  • 6:45am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Enrolments are flexible to family needs.


4 Langford Drive, Elizabeth, SA 5112


Centre Contact
Georgia McDermott
PH: (08) 8252 5032

For Fees, Enrolments and General Enquiries
Georgia McDermott
PH: (08) 8252 5032

Programming and Staff Support
Pauline Kruger
PH: 0409 709 769


Childcare Centre Contacts

Playford Children’s Centre
3 Langford Drive, Elizabeth, South Australia, 5112, Australia

Centre Contact
Georgia McDermott
PH: (08) 8252 5032

For Fees, Enrolments and
General Enquiries
Georgia McDermott
PH: (08) 8252 5032

Programming and Staff Support
Pauline Kruger
0409 709 769

National Quality Standard Rating


Please contact the service directly for information regarding Fees.

Opening Hours

6.45am – 6:00pm, Monday to Friday

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