Situated in the leafy, green community-centric suburb of Croydon, Barngeong Reserve Kindergarten, whose name derives from the expansive community reserve it is located on is warmly welcomed as one of TRY’s newest services for 2019. Barngeong Reserve Kindergarten offers a play based program within a double unit structure and a 5 hour 3 year old session; something unique for the area that it is located in.

At the beginning of every year the centre has a Teddy bear picnic to welcome all of the returning and new children to a new year, and with every child, comes the whole family. The staff at Barngeong work hard to maintain strong relationships with all families at the service with easily accessible contact and weekly reflections sent to the parents via email.

Last year Barngeong invited a native garden service to come to the centre with a variety of species that were then planted and are cared and tended to by the children. These plants are now used to create a sensory experience for the children and as such are incorporated into cooking as well as being mixed into play dough to create a unique experience. This project tied in with the centre’s introduction of Acknowledgement of Country. As we spoke to Louise, one of the centre’s Teachers, we asked her of her proudest achievement “For me personally it was the Acknowledgement of Country and finally incorporating it into kinder” where they have created a rhyme which the children sing every morning.

Louise also spoke to us about the centre’s focus child program where each day there is a new focus child. This allows them to have one on one building to help scaffold their learning and allow a level of responsibility to the child where they have a special necklace and are the team leader for the day, allowing them to develop their social and academic skills.

Barngeong is a trailblazer in the local community with the centre requesting and piloting the access of defibrillators in kindergartens, this pilot became so successful that Maroondah council has now extended the offer to place a defibrillator in any kindergarten that would like one.

These activities and practices allow the children to experience the community around them, understand safety, health, respect and other important parts of life. With a centre with so strongly involved with the community and with such a passion for the growth of children we could not be happier to welcome them to our TRYb.

Find out more about Barngeong Reserve here.